Many people in the Netherlands are foreign by birth or otherwise grew up with a different language. Let’s suppose you are one of them. Maybe you are able to read and understand the Dutch language. Perhaps even you can express yourself quite well when speaking Dutch.
However, when you have to write down your opinion or an important request, you may feel uncertain about your knowledge and use of the Dutch idiom and grammatical rules.
Probably therefore you might often hesitate to write letters to a professional organization or a newspaper, for instance.
In such cases Sitos Tekstwerk can be of service. We will confidentially discuss your intentions and wishes before translating whatever you want to make known into appropriate Dutch words.

My name is Margaretha Coornstra. I am an experienced writer and journalist.
Since 1992 I regularly write various kinds of texts for a diverse reading audience: press releases, newsletters, interviews, speeches, music/art reviews, flyers and more. My clients are newspapers and periodicals as well as private persons.
I like talking with people about their insights and strives. We all have our own story to tell, yet not everyone has the skills to write down his or her story in proper Dutch. Then it is useful to have someone who can listen carefully and help you write down your thoughts.

Each person is unique and each writing job arises from a unique situation. Therefore Sitos Tekstwerk doesn’t work with fixed fees.
As a client and a writer, we will first estimate the amount of work and assess the possibilities before coming to an agreement about a suitable honorarium.

Of course we cannot discuss all ins & outs on this website. So please feel free to leave a message on the Contact-page for further inquiries. Thank you!